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"I have had Walker WiFi for about a month now and find it superior  to both Hughes in which I had the middle plan for about 8 yrs and Wild Blue Pro Plan in which I had for about 3 months.  Today it is snowing and we recently purchased a WiFi enabled Blu ray player and are listening to Pandora Internet music as Linda is downloading stuff from the Internet and I am watching YouTube all without a hitch.  Sure is nice to not have to worry about exceeding the download threshold."

Glenn H

"After the greatest difficulty in finding reliable cell phone and internet service, it is absolutely fantastic to have a reliable high speed service.  I appreciate the personal service and reliability, as well as being able to deal with someone I know will be there should any problems arise. Thanks for helping to bring Walker into the 21st Century."

Cynthia P

"My husband and I are thrilled with the WiFi service.  Over thanksgiving, we had 3 family members that needed to conduct their business activities online.  They were all on at the same time and no one had any problem at all.  It was fast and smooth sailing!  I can not tell you what an asset this is to our lifestyle in Walker."

Joe & Jil M

Verne and I want to tell the world about our new internet service.  We have never had such great service before.  Nick is a genius and so very reliable.  It's such a pleasure to go on the internet and get our email without waiting 15 minutes for everything to download.  What a guy.  As for "YouTube", well let me tell you folks out there that we use to have the time to take a shower before the whole thing came through.  Not anymore, it's there NOW!!!  We love being able to use our cell phones in the house anywhere and not have to wear an antenna on our heads to get service.  It's a whole new world up here in Walker, yes Walker, where no one else has been able to give us good, reliable, FAST service ever.  We love him and our new internet service.  It's  a joy to go on the internet now and go anywhere in a "New York second"....Thanks Nick.....keep the town rollin'.

Verne & Carol T

Deb and I just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with the speed of our new network.  It is like "lightening McQueen" (the red corvette from cars) compared to the performance our our old network.  It has been very reliable and with the battery backup should be equally reliable during the winter months. 

We also appreciate the efficient and simple installation and not having the big dish out back. Thanks for all you efforts and support. Please feel free to use us as a reference. 

Gary & Deb H

It is the best of both worlds!  fast, reliable, internet service and living in the mountains of Prescott.  I have been extremely pleased with my new internet service. 

Betty P

For those who live in Walker, we all know that internet was like cold molasses being poured out of a bottle. What Walker WiFi has brought us is TRUE high speed internet. You remember movies, large downloads, computer upgrades, they all work perfectly now. With the addition of the Verizon extender we even have phone service now. So for those thinking about the new system, think high speed/$30 and then look at your Hughes Dish.

Vic H

Congratulations on a job well done! Your WiFi internet service is a boon to the Walker community. My time spent maintaining web sites is now a mere fraction of what it once was. Thanks!!!!

Jeff M

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