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Open Internet Disclosure Statement 


The effective date of this disclosure is December 1, 2019.  This is a first-time disclosure. 

The purpose of this document is to provide information regarding Network Management Practices, Performance Characteristics, and Commercial Terms as they apply to broadband Internet access services provided by Freeway Networks LLC (Walker Wifi) in accordance with the Federal Communications Commission's (FCC's) transparency rule 47 CFR § 8.1(a).  Walker Wifi's Filer Registration Number (FRN) with the FCC is 0024126690.  Walker Wifi provides broadband internet access to its subscribers via fixed wireless.   

Walker Wifi maintains an open Internet for its customers.  This document will summarize our Network Management Practices, Performance Characteristics, and Commercial Terms of the broadband Internet access service we provide to our customers per requirement of the FCC. This document is not a replacement for, nor does it change the terms for either party as defined in our Acceptable Use Policy / Terms of Service provided on our website and at time of installation.  This informational document may be updated from time to time as needed without prior notice.  Please download the PDF from our website at for the most up to date version. 


  • Network Management Practices 

  • Blocking.  Other than reasonable network management practices necessary to protect the security and availability of service to all customers, Walker Wifi does not block or otherwise prevent end user access to lawful content, applications, service, or non-harmful devices.  Nothing in this statement prevents us from taking temporary actions to block traffic and/or particular ports in an effort to protect the usability of our network for all users if we believe in good faith that said traffic is of malicious or harmful origin, or in direct violation of our Acceptable Use Policy or Terms of Service.  If you feel that any such content is being blocked in error, please contact us via any of the contact methods available on our website. 

  • Throttling.  Walker Wifi does not throttle Internet services except for all traffic in aggregate to a given customer based on the speed plan purchased. Basic speed plans and associated throttling limits vary by service location. 

  • Affiliated Prioritization.  Walker Wifi does not utilize any Affiliated Prioritization. 

  • Paid Prioritization.  Walker Wifi does not utilize any Paid Prioritization. 

  • Congestion Management.  Walker Wifi internet services are "best effort" service.  Basic QOS settings may be employed to help provide the highest possible quality of service to all subscribers.  At no time is any particular type of traffic blocked.  We regularly monitor network usage, and attempt to proactively increase resources where available to minimize congestion.  At this time, network congestion is infrequent.  Congestion management is not usage based. 


  • Application-Specific Behavior.  Walker Wifi does not apply any Application Specific Behavior.  

  • Device Attachment Rules.  Within the constraints set forth in our Acceptable Use Policy / Terms of Service Walker Wifi will allow customers to connect any device to our network, provided that said device or its usage does not cause harm to our network.  We cannot guarantee the compatibility of any particular device. 

  • Security.  Walker Wifi uses industry standard AES encryption on all radio transmission equipment.  We also employ firewall rules and NAT at our routers, as well as NAT at the customer premise equipment.  We encourage all of our customers to protect themselves from malicious and unwanted content by a number of means, including a host of commercially available anti-virus, firewall, anti-malware, and other similar products.  We also encourage strong password management to prevent unauthorized access to customers’ accounts and equipment.  The customer is ultimately responsible for their security while utilizing our network.  

  • Performance Characteristics 

  • Service Description.  Walker Wifi offers fixed wireless internet service, based on geographic availability.  We offer a range of speed plans, again based on availability to end users within our coverage area.  Our basic speed plans begin at 1.5Mbps Download x 1.5Mbps Upload and increase from there.  Not all plans are available in all areas.  All services are "best effort", and as such will be up to the stated plan max speed.  At this time, typical actual speeds reach advertised levels a majority of the time.  Several factors can influence speeds seen, including but not limited to: physical obstructions, foliage, atmospheric conditions, age and quantity of connected equipment, performance of customer or company provided equipment, distance from the tower, and total aggregate traffic on the network at a given point in time.  Many users of our system work from home, including both VoIP and various other real-time uses without issue.   Typical latency to common sites from our end users is <100ms, and for many users is <50ms. 

  • Impact of Non-Broadband Internet Access Service Data Services.  Walker Wifi does not currently offer any Non-Broadband Internet Access Service Data Services. 

  • Commercial Terms  

  • Price.  Pricing and installation fees vary based on available services in a given area.  The available speed and price packages are disclosed and agreed to at time of installation upon completion of a free site survey.  There are no usage-based or early termination fees associated with any of our current plans.  Additional network services beyond included basic services are quoted prior to installation or activation.  Current customers, as well as prospective customers can obtain current pricing information by contacting us via any of the contact methods on our website.   

  • Privacy Policies.  Walker Wifi does not share your information with any third party not directly associated with provision of subscribed services.  A third-party credit card processing service is used for billing and collection of service related fees. 

  • Redress Options.  Any questions regarding this disclosure, or any of our services in general, can be addressed by calling us at (928) 220-7904.  You may also send an email to with any questions. 


Certification : The content of this document was reviewed by Nick Wold, Owner, Walker Wifi, who certifies to the best of his knowledge that all information contained above is true and correct.   

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